The Pictures: ‘Avengers’ Dissemble, Pt. 2

Yesterday, in Pt. 1 of this piece, I talked about a few reasons why I wasn’t, in fact, among the many blown away by ‘The Avengers,” in the hope of turning some of the roar around the film ito a conversation; before I proceed, though, I will note that in yesterday’s piece, I used the phrase “drinking the kool-aid,” which made Twitter user @KKRMalro to note “I’m fine James didn’t like it, but (his) ‘kool-aid drinking’ dismissal of those that enjoyed it is kind of insulting.” And in fact, Mr. Marlo, I  want you to know that that was not the point at all — and while ‘kool-aid drinking’ is a convenient metaphor, it’s not a kind one, and I’m sorry if it was taken as a slight — this was intended to be a conversation, again, and not an insult to the film’s many fans.

But, with that said, numbers 3) and 4) on my questions about “The Avengers are below …

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