The Pictures: ‘Avengers’ Dissemble, Pt. 1

Now that Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” is busy making all the money, I feel a little odd about it — while, to name but two other, similar, films, it’s “Citizen Kane” compared to “Fantastic Four” or “Green Lantern,” I still feel a little underwhelmed, especially hearing of people who’ve gone to see it five, six, seven times. A highly-placed friend in the industry — no names — mailed me from their desk to state that while they couldn’t ask this publically, was I the only person in the small-ish circle of film writers who found it unsatisfying and mediocre?  

No, I noted — Amy Nicholson of Box Office Magazine, Karina Longworth of the L.A. Weekly, A.O. Scott of the Times and Andrew O’Heir of Salon, among others, also weren’t “Avengers”-mad as every other film critic seems to be, but, you know. My friend was relieved to know that not everyone was drinking the kool-aid.

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