Retro-Glamour With Teresa Palmer in Take Me Home Tonight

With her blond hair and light-up-the-room energy, Australian actress Teresa Palmer is, in many ways, the perfect choice to play an all-American dream girl in “Take Me Home Tonight.”

Less perfect? ’80s style. “Thank God we don’t still have the side ponytail,” she said. “I think that (we’re) bringing back some of the great things of the ’80s, in terms of fashion: the shoulder pads!” Was there a lot of attention paid to the fashion and style of the era in “Take Me Home Tonight”? “A lot of effort went into that,” she said. “I think that the ’80s is a character in itself in this movie. That includes the music and the outfits and the hair. It was imperative to get that right, and we worked on it a lot. We tested lots of different outfits, and I know that Topher wanted to make sure that Tori really was the golden girl, so what better way to do that than put her in a gold sparkly dress? It’s vintage Halston. It was nice. It took us a little while to find the right tune, but it was good. I’m happy with what we came up with. ”

Palmer, of course, had her own style drama growing up in Australia: “I was what they refer to as a floater,” she said, “which meant that I would go from group to group hoping that someone would want to accept me. At one point, I was listening to Marilyn Manson and really trying to get in with the goth gang, but they weren’t that into having a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl join the group.”

Palmer also has a scene that suggests the audience is going to get an eyeful of her, uh, assets as she disrobes — before the camera cuts to the reverse angle and the audience gets a spectacular view of her shoulder blades. Palmer laughed. “Yes, they do! It wasn’t about the fact that ‘I don’t want to do any nudity,’ because I’ve done a film where I’ve been topless in the film, and it really served the character well. In this movie, there’s something more beautiful about alluding to the fact. It’s the mystery about what that could look like.” Palmer does a similar fake-out in the music video for the film’s soundtrack single, Atomic Tom’s cover of the Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me,” where she almost recreates Phoebe Cates‘ infamous shot from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” “When she gets out of the pool and she goes to unbutton (her bikini top), and then she actually does and you do see her (breasts) in the film. In the music video, I go to unbutton it, and same deal, I’m about to show the (breasts), but I stop. I think there’s something quite cheeky about that — cheeky’s a term we use in Australia for naughty — but in a good way. I’m glad that we didn’t show them. It’s a little wink.”

Audiences know Palmer from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” but “Take Me Home Tonight” is in fact one of her first American films and is finally being released after production delays. “It was the best entry into the pool,” she said. “The only problem with it was because we had such an incredible time I think the bar’s so high: I expected to have that same experience on every single film afterwards. That’s not the case. I was lucky: It restored my faith in Hollywood. I’d had a really awful experience on a movie right before I did this film. I was fired from a movie called ‘Jumper.’ Me and my amazing co-star, Tom Sturridge — who’s now blown up into this incredible indie actor — we had both been replaced by more-famous and older actors. I was heartbroken and damaged from that experience, but then (“Take Me Home Tonight”) landed on my doorstep and I had the total opposite experience. I had the best time of my life.” And besides, I noted to Palmer, you must have seen “Jumper,” so you know you dodged a bullet, right? Palmer smiled: “I know. I will say, I did, yes.”

From my article at The Rundown

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